Podcast Production

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Podcast Production

We tell

untold stories

through audio

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What we offer

We offer the full package of podcast production from start to finish, with 360° content creation and distribution, if that’s what you’re after.

We produce audio of the highest quality, in combination with the best and brightest talent around.

Strategy and Idea Development

We believe in telling stories that matter.

We think creatively to turn ideas into reality, and we love the challenge of thinking outside the box to push the boundaries of audio. 

Whether you’ve got the kernel of an idea you want to develop or you need help with inspiration on structure and story, our experienced team are here to help.

Audio and video production

Audio holds a special place in our hearts, but we’ve embraced the visual revolution in podcasting.  

Both audio and video production are now a vital part of content creation for podcasters, and we have a worldwide network of premium studios for audio and video production. 

A long-standing involvement in remote recording and video capture also allows us to offer these options to those who need it, including provision of tech to guests if required. 

Marketing and social media management

Podcast marketing is our superpower. 

From creating reels to managing your newsletter, writing show notes, creating a paid advertising plan and booking podcast guest appearances for you, we have you covered when it comes to marketing and social media strategy. 

Live shows and events

With extensive experience in the music industry and live audio, facilitating live podcast performances and recordings gives us a huge buzz. 

As founders of the International Women’s Podcast Awards we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to live events, and are proud to be industry leaders in inclusive networking.

Build-your-own service

Flexibility is a key tenet for us in servicing our clients’ needs, and we offer bespoke services wherever possible, adopting a “mix and match” approach to services and building a  tailored package to suit your requirements.

Audio provides the opportunity to connect with your audience, test your messaging and raise the profile of your brand or personal mission. Whatever your needs are, contact us to discuss a personalised plan. 

What they're saying

Our Feedback

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Production & Editing

Working with Rebekah was an absolute pleasure. I have a lot of A-list celebrities in my salon and consequently on my show, so to work with a professional, experienced producer put me at a great deal of ease.

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Strategy Consulting

We feel incredibly lucky to have found Naomi. Creating The Worst Girl Gang Ever has been a learning curve but the guidance from Naomi has made it a much smoother and less stressful process. She is professional, personable and her knowledge and advice has been invaluable in growing our business.

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Awards & Events

As a seasoned events photographer, I have never felt so appreciated whilst working an event. It was the most wholesome, inclusive, welcoming and uplifting experience of my career, where everyone took time to say hi, and involved me in their conversations. A huge thank you to Naomi and Rebekah!


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