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About Us

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We believe that everybody has a story to tell, and we believe in the power of those stories to create purposeful change in the world.

Everybody Media was founded by Rebekah Pennington and Naomi Mellor, combining their experience in production, sound engineering, community building and content creation to start a new audio revolution. 


Naomi Mellor

Co-Founder (She/Her)

Naomi had an unusual route into the audio industry. Self-taught as a podcaster, she started her first show in her bedroom alongside her career as a veterinary surgeon, before realising her passion for podcasting and her desire to create a career around the medium of audio. Fast-forward 5 years, and Naomi has developed a global network of industry connections from her work with The Skylark Collective and International Women’s Podcast Awards, and is also the host and producer of multiple successful podcasts. She’s worked with brands including Amazon Music, Wondery, Shure, Focusrite and Acast, and is a passionate advocate of improving inclusion in all aspects of the audio industry.

Rebekah Pennington

Co-Founder (SHE/HER)

Rebekah has spent her life in the audio space, following her Master’s degree in Audio Production and Sound Design she went on to work for many years at Bauer Media, Global Radio.

Shows she’s produced have reached top 20 spots in the first week of release on iTunes and number 1 places in their respective categories. Her extensive network helps their clients enjoy press coverage, live podcast opportunities and corporate talks.
E v e r y b o d y M e d i a

Work With Us

Need help with your podcast, or interested in starting one? We love to support people to develop and refine their podcast.

Have you created a great show but need help marketing it? Confused about what microphone to buy or what tech you need? No idea how to start a podcast, or monetise an existing one? Perhaps you're just feeling a bit lost and lacking in motivation?

If the answer to any of the above is 'yes', we offer one hour "Ask Us Anything" Podcast Consultancy sessions, and we're here to help you. 

Rebekah and Naomi have  over 15 years of expertise in the audio industry between them, and love sharing their knowledge and experience.  Bring us your questions, and ask us anything!

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