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IWPA Shortlists 2023

20th October 2023 2023-10-20 14:17

IWPA Shortlists 2023

Entrants had up to 10 minutes to wow the judging panel in any of the following categories.

There’s no restriction on what genre or ‘type’ of podcast can enter each category – as we often say, you don’t have to be a comedy podcast to create a hilarious moment of podcasting gold. Fiction, non-fiction, narrative, interview, panel discussion, investigative journalism or anything else: all are welcome, and we always look forward to hearing the work submitted.


Award for Changing The World One Moment at a Time


Moment of Behind-the-Scenes Brilliance


Moment of Comedy Gold


Moment of Compelling Storytelling 


Moment of Dramatic Tension


Moment of Entrepreneurial Inspiration


Moment of Insight From a Role Model


Moment of Podcasting Panache in a Language Other Than English 


Moment of Raw Emotion


Moment of Touching Honesty


Moment of Visionary Leadership


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