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Terms and Conditions 2023

26th June 2023 2023-06-26 14:23

Terms and Conditions 2023

  1. The organiser of the International Women’s Podcast Awards is Everybody Media Ltd.
  2. By entering The International Women’s Podcast Awards, the Entrant will be deemed to have read these conditions and be bound by them, and any further instructions on the awards’ website.
  3. Entries to the awards are open to anyone who identifies as a woman or person of diverse gender at the time of entry. This is a safe, welcoming, inclusive awards that exists to promote the voices of all women and folk of marginalised identities..
  4. All categories EXCEPT ‘Moment of Behind-The-Scenes Brilliance’ are open to podcasts which are hosted or co-hosted by at least one person who identifies as a woman or has a diverse gender identity.
  5. The ‘Moment of Behind-The-Scenes Brilliance’ category is open to writers, editors and producers who identify as a woman or diverse gender, and have been involved in the making of at least 5 episodes of the podcast that is nominated, including the episode that is entered.
  6. Entry is by reference to the categories. 
  7. Only one category per entry is allowed. Multiple entries may be made in different categories. 
  8. For each entry, material may only be taken from one episode of your podcast. Audio may be edited from multiple points  to create an entry, but the material included must come from one podcast episode.
  9. For the category of Moment of Podcasting Panache in a Language Other Than English, an English language transcript is required to be submitted along with your audio entry. Please ensure this is as accurate as possible as it will be provided to the judging panel for reference alongside your audio entry.  
  10. The price per entry, per category is £25 for independent and charity podcasts, and £60 for podcasts entered from a production company, business or other corporate entity.
  11. Any podcast entered into the awards must have released a minimum of 5 episodes between 26th June 2022 and 22nd September 2023. 
  12. All episodes must still be available to download globally for free in podcast form.  
  13. As this is an annual awards, the episode from which the audio you are entering is taken must have been released between 26th June 2022 and 22nd September 2023. 
  14. An entry consists of a single MP3 of a maximum of 10 minutes duration submitted via Google Drive or Dropbox OR a link to a podcast episode on either Apple Podcasts or Spotify, with a timestamp identifying the section of audio the entrant wishes the judges to listen to and score. Both types of entry may be accompanied by supporting information about your podcast as per the entry form. 
  15. The Organiser reserves the right to reject any entry that it deems inappropriate, and to remove – at any point – any entry from consideration that may be deemed discriminatory.
  16. All submissions must be completed in full and received via the entry link, accompanied by the specific entry requirements by the date specified on the Organiser’s website. The Organiser takes no responsibility for entries that are lost, late, incomplete, damaged, defaced or mislaid.
  17. The prize will be a trophy. There is no cash alternative.
  18. Entrants, judges and attendees of the event consent to their image and their name being used as part of marketing and publicity materials, and published on the Organiser’s website. 
  19. The Judges’ decision is final, and the Organiser reserves the right to alter the judging panel if required without the prior notice to the Entrant. 
  20. It may be necessary for reasons beyond the Organiser’s control to change the date and/or venue of the International Women’s Podcast Awards. In this case, as much notice will be given as possible. 
  21. Each nominee agrees to provide the International Women’s Podcast Awards with non-exclusive rights to use submissions either in their entirety or via clips for marketing and publicity purposes, either through the International Women’s Podcast Awards website and social media, or other media outlets. 
  22. No correspondence will be entered into.

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